EWI’s Fundamentals of Welding Engineering Class to be offered again this June

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EWI’s upcoming Fundamentals of Welding Engineering class for March is sold out!   Due to the overwhelming response, we have scheduled the next class for the week of June 15, 2015. Registration is now open. This ​five-day ​course ​provides ​engineers ​and ​technicians ​an ​overview ​of ​the ​various ​aspects ​of ​welding ​technology. ​The ​course ​is ​organized ​intoRead more

EWI’s Ian Harris and Matt Short to Present at TITANIUM EUROPE 2015

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Novel technologies will be featured during the Welding and Allied Technologies panel next week at TITANIUM EUROPE 2015, taking place at the Hilton Metropole Hotel National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England.  EWI’s Ian Harris, Arc Welding Technology Leader Ian Harris and Ultrasonics Technology Leader Matt Short will both present during the session on Tuesday, May 12th, at 3:30pm.Read more

EWI to Present at ALAW on June 2nd

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If you plan to attend the annual Advanced Laser Applications Workshop later this spring in Michigan, be sure to catch EWI Technology Leader Stan Ream’s presentation on Tuesday, June 2, “Advancements in High-Power Focusing Optics.” EWI will also host a booth at the event, and members of our Lasers team will be on hand to speakRead more

Basicity Index of Welding Fluxes

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By definition, the basicity index (B.I.) of a flux or slag is calculated from the following equation: For welding consumables with a flux component, it is important to clarify the concepts of flux and slag. A flux can be a raw material that contains different types of oxides, fluorides, etc.; it also can be aRead more

A Successful AMC Winter Meeting held at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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          The Additive Manufacturing Consortium (AMC) held its 2015 Winter Meeting February 3-4, at the Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Knoxville, TN. The event was jointly hosted by ORNL and University of Tennessee – Knoxville. More than 70 consortium members attended. The 2-day eventRead more

Orbital Welding: Don’t Be Afraid, It Can Be Your Friend

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EWI is capable of performing orbital welding, a specialized welding process whereby the arc is rotated mechanically around a static workpiece such as a pipe in a continuous process. The technique was developed over 50 years ago, and with today’s modern technology is a sound, robust, and easy-to-use method of joining cylindrical components. These components can beRead more

Why would I want to be a welder?!

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It’s been a while since my last post, but I read an article this morning that inspired me. This article on Yahoo (originally published in the Wall Street Journal) tells the story of a young man of two college-educated parents who has chosen a much different route for his career – and is having phenomenal successRead more

Dissimilar Materials Workshop in Columbus on January 26th

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Do you face the challenges of dissimilar materials joining in your work? If so, you should plan to attend the AWS Workshop of Dissimilar Materials in Columbus, Ohio, on January 26, 2015. The workshop will cover developments across a range of industry applications, and will include topics such as process technology, materials, design, and modeling. The program will featureRead more

RealWeld Now Part of Lincoln Electric

By Rebecca Gurk on Friday, November 21st, 2014 in Arc Welding, Corporate Blog, Featured, Members, Membership. No Comments

In breaking news, Cleveland-based Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc. has acquired the assets and intellectual property of RealWeld, the EWI spinout company that pioneered the first live-arc training system for welders, the RealWeld Trainer. To learn the full story, click here or read this message from RealWeld Launch CEO Bill Forquer.            

Sign Up Now for EWI’s Fundamentals of Welding Engineering Class

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EWI will again host its five-day Fundamentals of Welding Engineering course at its Columbus, OH, headquarters, November 10-14, 2014. Taught by top-notch EWI engineers, this class provides engineers and technicians with an overview of the various aspects of welding technology including welding processes, welding metallurgy and weldability, welding design and testing (including mechanical testing and NDT), and qualifications and procedure review.Read more