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(L to R) Dr. George Ritter, Bill Mohr, and Sean Gleeson

 The State Science Day competition was held this past Saturday at the St. John Arena and hosted by the Ohio State UniversityEWI and EMTEC sponsored the Edison Center Materials Science and Engineering Awards for outstanding student projects in the field of materials science and engineering. There were two grade categories of 7th-9th and 10th-12th with $200, $100, and $50 prizes for each category. The high school awardees also received an additional college scholarship from the state of Ohio.

(L to R) Steve Levesque, Seth Shira, and George Ritter

We had a large number of projects to evaluate again this year (approx. 120) and the judges did an excellent job of thoughtfully and efficiently reviewing all of the projects in a relatively short amount of time. 

The EWI judges this year included:

Bill Mohr, Principal Engineer
Dr. George Ritter, Technology Leader
Seth Shira, Project Engineer
David Speth, Sr. Engineer, Materials
Sean Gleeson, Project Manager
Steve Levesque, Project Manager
Maggie Perez, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Warren Peterson, Applications Engineer

Judges from EMTEC were Michael Martin, George Jones, Elliot Salmon, and Gary Walzer.

Thanks again to everyone who dedicated their time to this event which also helps to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. 

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Woodcrest Elementary School, Columbus, Ohio

On Friday morning, Blake McAllister, Applications Engineer, Laser Processes and Sean Gleeson, Project Engineer, NDE, participated in this year’s Career Day at Woodcrest Elementary School, which is a year-around school located in Columbus, Ohio.  They presented to approximately 100 students in 3rd and 4th grade and were two of twelve various presenters at this year’s event.  Other presenters at the event had careers in various fields such as law enforcement, financial advisors & social work. 

Blake McAllister, Applications Engineer

Blake and Sean gave an overview of welding engineering then let the kids try three different activities which included: resistance spot welding, building a circuit to light an LED, and naming as many welded objects as they could identify.  They were pleased to hear that the general consensus from the students was that their presentations were by far the best and the kids loved the hands-on activities.  The students had very intelligent questions and comments about engineering and our engineers were impressed with their level of understanding and enthusiasm. 

EWI was appreciative of the opportunity to present to the students at Woodcrest Elementary and we are certain that there were some future engineers in the bunch. 

For more pictures of past EWI events, please visit our Facebook page.

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Don Didion, Principal Technician

EWI is pleased to congratulate Don Didion, Principal Technician, in the Weld & Test Labs, on his latest accomplishment.  Don successfully completed the ASNT ACCP Professional Level III RT Certification for radiographic testing, which is the highest level of an NDT inspector.  This is a great asset to EWI and we will have another RT Level III on staff.    

Don working with the 320 KV Varian X-ray tube

Over the past couple of years Don has taken four tests and endured many weeks of training, he clearly demonstrated the will to prevail in reaching his goal.   He recently completed his last test and is now certified.  This level of certification is not easy to achieve, we are excited for him and his outstanding accomplishment.  Please join us in congratulating Don. 

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Today EWI hosted the 2012 Battery Symposium:  Life, Reliability & Manufacturing conference.  The conference was held at the Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center. The day began with a continental breakfast which was sponsored by Branson.

Continental Breakfast provided by Branson

Some of the vendors at the conference were Ambrell, Fabrisonic, IPG Photonics and Materion.

The keynote speaker was Devine Lindsay from IHS Automotive.

Some of the EWI speakers were: Dave Speth, Senior Engineer – Materials, gave an introduction on Battery Tab Joining Processes.

Jay Eastman, Applications Engineer – Laser Processes, spoke on Laser Welding Process Development for Battery Tabs

Sam Lewis, Applications Engineer – Resistance & Solid State Welding, spoke on Resistance Welding Process Development for Battery Tabs

Tim Frech, Senior Engineer – Ultrasonics, spoke on Ultrasonic Welding Process

Development for Battery Tabs

Mitch Matheny, Applications Engineer – Ultrasonics, spoke on Thin Foil to Tab Ultrasonic Welding


Engineers: Rich Tenaglia, Mitch Matheny, & Sam Lewis

The OSU ECOCar and the Buckeye Bullet were also on site and the attendees were able to get a better look at them and ask questions on the design of these cars.


The Buckeye Bullet


At the end of the day, the conference attendees were transported to OSU CAR, CARTech, and EWI for a tour of each facility. While at EWI, the attendees toured the NDE, Micro Laser & Joining labs, including the UAM work center.

**Note:   this event was organized in part with financial support from the State of Ohio.  The content reflects the view of EWI and does not purport to reflect the view of the State of Ohio.  EWI acknowledges the contribution of the State of Ohio, Department of Development and Thomas Edison Program, which provided funding in support of Edison Technology and Industry Center Services.


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OSU materials joining engineering students

Yesterday EWI provided approximately 35 OSU engineering students and Dr. Mike Sumption, Professor of MSE&W, with an overview of EWI’s business and technologies.  The students are new to the engineering field and are currently enrolled in OSU ENG198 – Introduction to Engineering & Mfg. course.  One aspect of this OSU course is to give the students an opportunity to visit various local businesses that can help expose them to other industries & technologies within the materials joining world. The students were given a tour of the EWI labs & facilities.  Dr. Ed Herderick, Applications Engineer, spoke to the students about various processes such as additive manufacturing, arc welding, brazing & soldering, and friction welding & processing.  In addition to EWI, the students will also visit Hyper Tech Research, also located in Columbus, OH.

Dr. Ed Herderick, Applications Engineer, talks to OSU students about materials joining & welding processes

We are always pleased to have the opportunity to host OSU’s up-and-coming materials joining engineering students.  Our specialized engineers truly enjoy having the opportunity to guide them and expose them to the many prospects & opportunities in this industry.

Dr. George Ritter, Technology Leader, prepares the OSU students for their EWI facility tour

If you are interested in touring EWI’s facility, please contact Leah Kohr, Member Relations Manager, at 614.688.5049 or by email at

If you would like to view other EWI events please click on

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EWI's Hypersonic re-entry Vehicle: A two stage car that launches another car

In February, the Columbus Dispatch asked engineers from EWI, Battelle, OSU-CAR, and a Cub Scout to design and build the fastest pinewood derby cars for two special races.  Could our EWI engineers build a faster Pinewood Derby car than a Cub Scout could make?  Click here to see videos and read the full story on the Pinewood Derby  event held on Saturday, March 31st.

EWI's little red Corvette prepares to race (second from right)

EWI's hot dog of doom

Thanks again to the EWI team for their hard work and commitment to this event.  I think it safe to say it was a great time!

The entire EWI pinewood derby team

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EWI's Pinewood Derby cars

On Saturday March 31st a group of EWI staff competed in the pinewood derby race, which was put together by the Columbus Dispatch.  Our competitors were Battelle’s armored car division, OSU-CAR and a real Cub Scout.  The event was held by Battelle in their old building.

Our team consisted of:

Ed Herderick, Applications Engineer – Structural Integrity

Sean Gleeson, Project Engineer – Non Destructive Evaluation

Mary Lorenz, Human Resource Specialist – Human Resources

Maggie Perez, Marketing & Sales Coordinator – Corporate Communications

Blake McAllister, Applications Engineer – Lasers

Jeff Root, Applications Engineer – Design, Controls & Automation

Steve Massey, Engineering Manager– Arc Welding

Michelle Laverty, I.P. Manager – Technology & Innovation

There were two sets of races; one had to conform to the Official Cub Scout rules and the other one was a cheater class car. Our team chose to build four different pinewood derby cars. From those four, two were selected for the actual competition.  Our engineers wanted to make it as fun as possible by building the most radical cars they could dream up while holding to the design constraints of speed, and the rules of the pinewood derby.  The four cars built were:

EWI's pinewood cars - the little red corvette & The Wedge

EWI's cheater cars the Re-Entry Vehicle & the Hot Dog of Doom

  • Hypersonic re-entry Vehicle – A two stage car that launches another car.
  • Hot Dog of Doom – Built using a material that is twice as heavy as lead per unit volume.
  • Little Red Corvette – Built using 64 thin layers of custom laser cut pine.
  • The Wedge – A classic design built “just in case”.

Our engineers definitely created the coolest ‘outside the box’ concept cars. EWI even managed to beat Battelle in the standard class.  OSU-CAR won first place. The Cub Scout finished second, EWI came in third, and Battelle won fourth place.  It was no secret that EWI was in the house and we brought our A game.  Sean Gleeson, Project Engineer, even wore his Magic Thinking Hat….why you ask?  It was a scheme to intimidate the competition and I think it worked, as everyone in the building knew when we arrived.

Sean Gleeson, Project Engineer & Ed Herderick, Applications Engineer - interviewed by the Columbus Dispatch

Ed Herderick, Jeff Root, & Blake McAllister - go over last minute details

Stay tuned for more details on Saturday’s pinewood derby race.  The event is scheduled to appear in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday, April 8th.  Also, there was a camera crew from the Discovery Channel Canada at the event, so stay tuned for that as well.

To view more pictures of this event, please visit our Facebook page.

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Tom McGaughy

EWI is excited to have Tom McGaughy rejoin our team after a 4 year hiatus.  Tom started his career with EWI in 1987, and held several positions up through 2007, when he left to help expand his wife’s print and web/digital media marketing and production company.  Tom previously worked his way up through the research engineering ranks at EWI, held the role of Business Development Manager for Oil & Gas in the mid and late 1990’s, was Manager of the Lab Services Group until 2003, and was a Technology Consultant through 2007.

He started his new role at EWI in February as the Technology Applications Leader where he will provide technical oversight of the materials testing, failure analysis and experimental fracture mechanics activities, develop R&D initiatives in applied fracture mechanics and structural integrity, and expand and promote EWI’s capabilities in the materials testing, structural integrity and asset management fields.  He will also assist in managing our relationships with key players in the oil & gas industries, where Tom has many years of project development and management experience.

Tom has been active over the years on several Industry and Technical Committees and Standards, having been chairman of the ASTM Task Group on Fracture Toughness Test Methods, Vice Chair of the AWS B4 Committee on Mechanical Testing of Welds, and participated on API committees.  He also has published and presented over 20 papers in major technical publications and conferences. If you would like to speak to Tom directly, he can be reached at 614.688.5054 or by email at

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Sign up today - Fundamentals of Welding Engineering Training Course

Don’t forget to register for the EWI Fundamentals of Welding Engineering training course.  It is scheduled to be held at EWI on April 09, 2012 – April 13, 2012. This popular, one-week course provides engineers and technicians an overview of various aspects of welding engineering and welding technology.  The course is organized into modules discussing welding processes, welding metallurgy and weldability, welding design and testing (including mechanical testing and NDT), and qualifications and procedure review.  Students will leave with an appreciation for welder skills and a solid understanding of welding variables and their effect of weld quality. 

This course fills up quickly, so register now.    

If you have any questions regarding this training course you may contact, Steve Levesque, Project Manager, at 614.688.5183 or by email

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Engineers at work: Ed Herderick (right) Jeff Root (middle) and Steve Massey (left)

Our EWI engineers are in their final push in preparation for this Saturday’s big Pinewood Derby race to be held at the “old” Battelle building off of King Ave. in Columbus, OH.  The stock car and unlimited entries are coming along nicely.   Today our engineers will be testing and fine-tuning our Pinewood Derby cars.  Everything is going as planned and EWI promises to deliver several unusual, entertaining and high speed entries. 

The engineers who are a part of this project are: 

Sean Gleeson – Project Engineer, Non-Destructive Evaluation

Steve Massey – Engineering Manager, Arc Welding

Ed Herderick – Applications Engineer, Materials & Structural Integrity

Jeff Root – Applications Engineer, Design, Control & Automation

Blake McAllister – Applications Engineer, Lasers

 ALSO the Pinewood Derby attracted the attention of the Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet show. They will be in town and will be interviewing a representative from each team. The Columbus Dispatch will also be there to witness the race.  Other competitors in this event are Battelle’s Armored Car Division, OSU-CAR, and of course one Cub Scout.

To view the complete photo album of EWI and the Pinewood Derby project visit us on Facebook.

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