We just finished celebrating National Engineer’s Week 2013 here at EWI. After all, our engineers are our products, and their knowledge and abilities are great reasons to celebrate. Our Staff Association did a great job of putting together a fun week of activities to celebrate our engineers. On Monday we had Chris Cakes come to serve breakfast to the staff. Basically, they provide a pancake and sausage breakfast with a little twist. The pancakes are placed on your plate by being thrown by the griddle meister.

chris cakes engineers week 2013

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’m pretty sure that this is the guy behind the griddle’s first time doing this.

chris cakes engineers week 2013-2

On Tuesday we had a paper airplane competition. The paper supplied to the competitors was a “modified” 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. One corner of the paper was cut off to challenge the competitors a little more. The competitors had 20 minutes to construct and test their plane and then fly them for the maximum distance. A very conventional looking plane took the top prize with a very impressive flight.

paper airplane competition 1

paper airplane contest 2

Wednesday was a geeky t-shirt contest. There were some really great entries for this. You really can’t get the full impact of the equalizer shirt from a still photo. This thing had a microphone pickup and would respond to sounds and indicate levels. It was pretty cool, even for an HR guy.

heavy metal shirt

geeky t-shirt contest 1

geeky t-shirt 2

geeky t-shirt contest 3

The finale for Engineer’s Week was a pinewood happy hour on Thursday. There were a lot of original entries in to the race. Some of my favorites were the snack wagon (sponsored by hutchbags), the better mouse trap, and the Crew car. We were fortunate to get a track on loan from an associate’s former Cub Scout pack.

pinewood derby snack wagon

pinewood derby cars

Can you guess which car in the picture below belongs to the CFO?

pinewood derby cars 2

pinewood derby track

The best in show vote was a tie between the Crew car and the better mouse trap:


pinewood derby best of show

These were the top four racers (note the cars of three arc welding types and one HR person):

pinewood derby top four


3 Responses to “EWI Celebrates Engineer’s Week 2013”

  1. Jim Tighe says:

    I think the CFO’s car is the one that was assembled most efficiently.

  2. Rebecca Gurk says:

    But was it hot?

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