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EWI’s membership includes a handful of large, global organizations that own some of the world’s most recognized consumer brands. While we can’t tell you who they are, we can tell you that they’re household names, and they rely on EWI as their manufacturing innovation partner to help them stay competitive.

Your company doesn’t have to be recognized worldwide to be an EWI member, however. We work with many mid- to large-size consumer products and light industrial manufacturers and suppliers representing a wide range of market sectors, including:

  • Electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Food processing
  • Sporting goods
  • Light manufacturing

Although their products are different, high-volume manufacturers in these market sectors face similar challenges with dissimilar materials joining, microjoining, production efficiencies, sustainability, product quality and reliability, and so on. EWI has had great success using technology innovation to help consumer products and light industrial manufacturers solve these types of challenges and improve their operational efficiencies and competitiveness.

Contact Dale Robinson, Market Manager, Consumer Industrial Products, at or 614.688.5232 and ask about EWI’s experience helping manufacturers in your industry stay ahead of the competition.

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