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A Big Week at EWI for Additive Manufacturing

March 18, 2016

RPM pics togetherBIG things are happening with EWI’s Additive Manufacturing Team — just in the past seven days:

  • On March 11th, EWI gave a presentation on arc-based directed energy deposition process at the “Additive Manufacturing for Large Scale Metals” Workshop hosted by Oak Ridge National Lab at the Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.  The objective of this workshop was to go bigger…much bigger…for additive manufacturing of metals.
  • On March 15th,  we completed our longest and tallest build to date on the EOS M280 in EWI’s Columbus additive manufacturing laboratory.  The nickel alloy 400 part was 285 mm tall, contained enough weld metal to travel between Columbus and New York City (350 miles) and required 257 hours of build time.
  • On March 17th, EWI received ‘baby pictures’ of run-off part produced on our recently purchased RPM 557 laser powder directed energy deposition machine.  The part shown below is 1.2m tall and was produced by the folks at RPM Innovations.  We will be showing this part at our booth during the AMUG conference next month.  Two of our engineers are traveling to Rapid City SD for training next week and we anticipate installation of the 557 at our Buffalo facility in May and the first set of projects by the end of June.
  • Currently in EWI’s high power laser laboratory, we are producing an aluminum structure using laser wire directed energy deposition.  The maximum dimensions of the structure are 1.2m in diameter and over 1.2m tall.  It has taken 14 days to produce.

We are not done here…we have plans for other large AM equipment in Buffalo in the coming months!

To learn more about AM at EWI,  click here.

Or visit us at AMUG 16 Expo in St. Louis on April 3-4, 2016. Stop by Booth 7 to meet the EWI Additive Manufacturing Team. If you’d like to schedule at time to meet with us at AMUG, contact Shawn Kelly at skelly@ewi.org or Frank Medina at fmedina@ewi.org.