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A Successful AMC Winter Meeting held at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

February 24, 2015







The Additive Manufacturing Consortium (AMC) held its 2015 Winter Meeting February 3-4, at the Department
of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Knoxville, TN. The
event was jointly hosted by ORNL and University of Tennessee – Knoxville. More than 70 consortium members

The 2-day event featured a special workshop, “Understanding Modeling and Simulation of Additive
Manufacturing Processes,” organized by Dr. Deepankar Pal, Chief Scientist at 3DSIM, as well as technical
presentations by ORNL, the Department of Defense, NIST, EWI, UTEP, and B6 Sigma.

B Piercy NTRC-MDFOak Ridge was our best-attended meeting ever,” said Shawn Kelly, Director of the AMC. “We had more than
70 participants from industry, government, and research institutions, and the information shared was
outstanding.” Meeting co-organizer Suresh Babu of UT-Knoxville agreed. “The level of the presentations was
very high,” he said. “AMC’s quarterly meetings offer unprecedented opportunities for conversation and
collaboration, and this program was no exception.” Dr. Bill Peter from ORNL added, “We were pleased to host
such a large group interested in advancing the science of additive manufacturing and deployment of the
technologies at our Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.”

The AMC, established in 2010 by technology innovator EWI, is a national consortium of industry, government,
academic and non-profit research organizations with the mission of accelerating and advancing the
manufacturing readiness of metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology. Members include Lockheed
Martin, Sigma Labs, Inc., GE, Praxair, Inc., Rolls Royce, Inc., Lawrence Livermore Labs, University of
Louisville, and NASA. The consortium is operated EWI, based in Columbus, Ohio.

B Piercy NTRC-MDFThe AMC will hold its Spring Meeting April 29-30 at North Carolina State University, in conjunction with the
ASPE 2015 Spring Topical Meeting: Achieving Precision Tolerances in Additive Manufacturing.

For more information about the AMC, click here, or contact Linda Homes, lholmes@ewi.org, or Shawn Kelly,

.B Piercy NTRC-MDF