Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding of Copper-nickel Pipe Joints

By Rebecca Gurk on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 in Advanced Automation, Arc Welding, Defense, Government, Oil & Gas. No Comments

Copper-nickel alloys are often used in shipbuilding for applications such as tanks, seawater and freshwater piping, and numerous other structures. Copper-nickel pipe joints are typically welded with manual gas tungsten arc welding; however, inherently slow travel speeds and low deposition rates impede productivity. The implementation of pulsed gas metal arc welding (GMAW-P) could yield significantRead more

Introducing a National Roadmap for the Future of Materials Joining and Forming — A Free EWI Webinar

By Rebecca Gurk on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 in Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Arc Welding, Automotive, Composites Joining, Dissimilar Metals Joining, Events, EWI – Company, Forming, Friction Processes, Government, Manufacturing Competitiveness, Manufacturing Innovation, Manufacturing Technology, Materials Engineering, Microjoining, Technology Innovation. No Comments

Last month EWI issued “Developing a U.S. Roadmap for Advanced Joining and Forming Technologies,” an overview describing the comprehensive NIST-funded study conducted by EWI to identify and prioritize the top joining and forming challenges within the manufacturing industry. To share the results and recommendations of this timely report, EWI will present an online seminar, Introducing aRead more

Developing a U.S. Roadmap for Advanced Joining and Forming Technologies — A New Report

By Tom McGaughy on Friday, March 31st, 2017 in Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Arc Welding, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Defense, Dissimilar Metals Joining, Events, EWI – Company, Forming, Friction Processes, Government, Heavy Industry, Heavy Manufacturing, Lightweighting, Manufacturing Technology, Microjoining, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Plastics Joining, Rail, Ultrasonic Processes. No Comments

Recently, EWI led the development of the first comprehensive U.S. Advanced Joining and Forming Technology Roadmap under a program funded by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) through the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia (AMTech) program. The goal of this two-year effort was to develop a prioritized list of research and development topics aimedRead more

Reducing Manufacturing Costs with Robotic Welding — New Paper

By Adam Uziel on Thursday, March 30th, 2017 in Advanced Automation, Advanced Manufacturing, Arc Welding, Automotive, Manufacturing Competitiveness. No Comments

As the manufacturing marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, many companies must re-think their innovation strategies to meet increasing customer demands, adopt new production technologies, and create more intelligent products. The most successful manufacturers leverage the latest technological innovations and think of higher productivity as a culture. While robotic welding has been used for decades to improveRead more

Putting EWI’s Innovative Frog-repair Solution to the Test

By Adam Uziel on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 in Advanced Automation, Arc Welding, Heavy Manufacturing, Rail. No Comments

  In his blog Who Let the Frogs Out?, my colleague Marc Purslow wrote about EWI’s innovative work to automate the repair of austenitic manganese steel (AMS) frogs; the special trackwork components used by railroads to allow track to converge, diverge, or cross. In this Phase I project sponsored by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA),Read more

Diffusible Hydrogen Testing at EWI

By Brad Nagy on Monday, February 27th, 2017 in Arc Welding, Heavy Industry, Heavy Manufacturing, Lab Services, Oil & Gas, Testing Services. No Comments

It is well known in the welding industry that diffusible hydrogen can wreak havoc on an otherwise beautiful weld.  For over 20 years EWI has helped our customers combat this concern by offering Diffusible Hydrogen Testing (per AWS A4.3 and ISO 3690 using the Gas Chromatograph method).  EWI provides this service to a wide varietyRead more

EWI, ATI Authorized to Operate Center for Naval Metalworking

By Rebecca Gurk on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 in Aerospace, Arc Welding, Defense, Dissimilar Metals Joining, EWI – Company, Government, Heavy Industry, Heavy Manufacturing, NDE and Inspection. No Comments

We are pleased to announce that on January 17, 2017, the Office of Naval Research Manufacturing Technology Program (ONR-ManTech) announced that the team of Advanced Technology International (ATI) and EWI has been authorized to operate the Center for Naval Metalworking (CNM).

Nucor-Yamato Steel is New EWI Member Company

By Beth Sharb on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 in Arc Welding, Automotive, EWI – Company, Forming, Heavy Industry, Heavy Manufacturing, Manufacturing Innovation, Manufacturing Technology, Membership, Modeling & Simulation. No Comments

We are pleased to welcome Nucor-Yamato Steel Company as new EWI member. Formed in 1987 with the goal of operating a steel mini-mill to manufacturing wide-flange beams, Nucor-Yamato Steel now has the capacity to produce over 2.5 million tons per year of not only wide-flange beams, but also H-piling, sheet piling, standard I-beams, channels, andRead more

Detroit Sheet Metal Welding Conference is a Wrap!

By Jerry Gould on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 in Advanced Manufacturing, Arc Welding, Automotive, Dissimilar Materials, Dissimilar Metals Joining, Events, EWI Network, Friction Processes, Heavy Industry, Lightweighting, Manufacturing Competitiveness, Manufacturing Innovation, Materials Engineering, Metal Composites, Resistance Processes/Solid-State Processes. No Comments

The AWS Detroit Sheet Metal Welding Conference (SMWC) is a bi-annual event focused on new research in the areas of automotive joining and assembly.  EWI has long been a event sponsor, and serves on the technical leadership team.  The 17th conference (32rd year!) took place October 19-20. SWMC XVII featured three keynote presentations.  The first, by Dr. FelixRead more