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ASM Materials Camp Tour at EWI

October 21, 2011

This week, attendees from the M S & T ’11 conference were guests at EWI. 

EWI hosted a tour of our facility for student participants of this conference. We were expecting 32 guests; two did not make it and three extras showed up – they were all eager to get here, even in the rain. It rained most of the day, which made for a few traffic delays, but once our guests arrived they showed great enthusiasm and interest in our facility.  The students were from as far away as Osaka University, Mississippi State University and University of Waterloo, and as near as OSU. There were also a few guests from GE Energy and General Dynamics in attendance. 

While at our facility, our guests saw our NDE Ultrasonics Lab, Adhesives Lab, and Met Lab. Videos were available, such as VHP UAM and Rail Repair. They also saw Laser samples as well as Laser Paint Stripping and other Laser Welding Processes.  We also shared with them our DCA, SEM and Furnace labs, as well as our Micro-Joining Lab.

 Thanks to our experienced engineers who played tour guide for the evening and other EWI staff – they all did a great job! 

 Menachem Kimchi

Brian Bishop

Tim Frech

Randy Dull

Leah Kohr and of course Wanda Newman who did a fantastic job at the front desk giving our guests a warm welcome to EWI.    

Want to visit our labs? Call us at 614.688.5000 and ask to set up a visit!