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Beautiful Ohio…

November 4, 2011

Over the last couple weeks I took a self guided tour of Ohio’s Utica Shale Drilling sites. I am working to gather facts about the Utica Shale play and determine how EWI’s materials, welding and inspection services can best be utilized to support the activity in the State. During this same time I read an article stating that we need to stop Shale Gas before the drilling destroys the natural beauty of Ohio. Following are some “did you knows”, that I pondered while driving along hundreds of dirt roads near my childhood home in Appalachia. Did you know that…

  • Ohio is peppered with oil and gas wells. We have been drilling for oil and gas in Ohio since the 1800’s and currently has over 275,000 oil and gas wells already in play. In 2010 alone, over 430 oil and gas wells were drilled in Ohio and none were part of the Utica Shale play. Below is a map of the wells in the area surrounding Hocking Hill State Park (green = producing well, red = plugged)

  • Most of the areas referred to as pristine already have oil and gas wells.  Below are two pictures I took with next to the well map showing the producing and plugged wells in the field of view of the camera. 

  • That if you drive around the back roads of Ohio, you will find that there are a lot of wells being drilled that have nothing to do with the Utica Shale play.  I was driving to specific locations to find Utica drilling sites and in the process stumbled on half a dozen or so conventional oil and gas wells. 

My point–oil and gas is not new to Ohio.

Nate Ames – Director | EWI