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Chesapeake – Hosey Drill Site Visit

October 18, 2011
From left to Right, Kirk Cooper-Nate Ames-Henry Cialone at Chesapeake Hosey Site

Dr. Henry Cialone, Kirk Cooper and I (Nate Ames) had the opportunity to visit Chesapeake’s Hosey Drill site last week.  The Hosey site is located in Portage county between Kent and Hartville, Ohio.  We were more than impressed by Chesapeake’s attention to detail.  The site is a benchmark for safety. Chesapeake Energy has the operating procedures necessary to ensure site safety is a top priority, they also focus heavily on ensuring the environment is protected.  We were also impressed that everyone we talked to on the site, has a “good neighbor” mentality.  The community and the people living in the vicinity was top of mind with all the drill site workers.  So much so that they went the extra mile and install sound deadening walls around the site to keep the noise of the generators and pumps to a minimum.