Weld Repair Conference

August 08, 2017 - August 09, 2017

Portland, OR

EWI’s Tom McGaughy will present “Effectiveness of FSW for Repairing Arc Fusion Welds” at AWS’s Weld Repair Conference in Portland, OR over August 8-9. To meet Tom at the conference, email him at tmcgaughy@ewi.org. Read his paper abstract below.


Friction stir welding (FSW) or various forms of friction processing can be used to repair defects in conventional arc fusion welds.  FSW mechanically reconsolidates the weld deposit and therefore may remove or eliminate certain defects and favorably alter weld microstructure in some circumstances.  Furthermore, the FSW or friction processing methods result in compressive residual stress fields in the stir zone and consequently may enhance service life of the repaired weld, particularly if fatigue is of concern.  This paper will review relevant industry research completed over the last 10 years and provide an overview of work recently carried out by EWI to assess the effectiveness of FSW to repair arc welds including the effect on resulting mechanical properties.

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