Hands-On Additive Manufacturing Workshop

October 14, 2018

EWI Headquarters, Columbus, OH

In conjunction with Materials Science & Technology 2018 being held in Columbus, EWI and Fabrisonic will conduct an additive manufacturing workshop at the EWI lab facilities on Sunday, October 14, 8:30am-noon.

Participants will be able to observe and experience AM techniques including:

  • Powder bed fusion
  • Directed energy deposition (blown powder and wire fed arc)
  • 3D printing with arc welding
  • Laser cold-wire
  • Sheet lamination (ultrasonic additive manufacturing)

EWI and Fabrisonic instructors will include Paul Boulware, Rodrigo Enriquez, Adam Hehr, Nick Kapustka, Blake McAllister, Mark Norfolk, and Jason Shaffer.

Those interested in additive manufacturing technologies with a lack of machine experience will benefit the most from this program, regardless of career level or background.


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