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EWI 2012 Battery Symposium: Life, Reliability & Manufacturing

May 2, 2012

Today EWI hosted the 2012 Battery Symposium:  Life, Reliability & Manufacturing conference.  The conference was held at the Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center. The day began with a continental breakfast which was sponsored by Branson.

Continental Breakfast provided by Branson

Some of the vendors at the conference were Ambrell, Fabrisonic, IPG Photonics and Materion.

The keynote speaker was Devine Lindsay from IHS Automotive.

Some of the EWI speakers were: Dave Speth, Senior Engineer – Materials, gave an introduction on Battery Tab Joining Processes.

Jay Eastman, Applications Engineer – Laser Processes, spoke on Laser Welding Process Development for Battery Tabs

Sam Lewis, Applications Engineer – Resistance & Solid State Welding, spoke on Resistance Welding Process Development for Battery Tabs

Tim Frech, Senior Engineer – Ultrasonics, spoke on Ultrasonic Welding Process

Development for Battery Tabs

Mitch Matheny, Applications Engineer – Ultrasonics, spoke on Thin Foil to Tab Ultrasonic Welding


Engineers: Rich Tenaglia, Mitch Matheny, & Sam Lewis

The OSU ECOCar and the Buckeye Bullet were also on site and the attendees were able to get a better look at them and ask questions on the design of these cars.


The Buckeye Bullet

At the end of the day, the conference attendees were transported to OSU CAR, CARTech, and EWI for a tour of each facility. While at EWI, the attendees toured the NDE, Micro Laser & Joining labs, including the UAM work center.

**Note:   this event was organized in part with financial support from the State of Ohio.  The content reflects the view of EWI and does not purport to reflect the view of the State of Ohio.  EWI acknowledges the contribution of the State of Ohio, Department of Development and Thomas Edison Program, which provided funding in support of Edison Technology and Industry Center Services.


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