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EWI and Ultrasonic-assisted Machining in CUTTING TOOL ENGINEERING Magazine

By Rebecca Gurk on Friday, December 16th, 2016

captureCutting Tool Engineering Magazine recently interviewed EWI Technology Leader Matt Short to learn more about ultrasonic-assisted (UA) machining technology, and its advantages for manufacturers. In the article “Sound Shakes Up Machining,” Short explains how UA machining reduces cutting force which significantly lowers the amount of heat and deformation produced during the process. This reduction, in turn, results in extended tool life, finer surface finishes, increase feed rates, tighter tolerances and fewer burrs.


Technology Leader Matt Short

“Every year, companies spend millions of dollars on ways to extract heat from the process,” Short said. “But … it is possible to leverage [UA machining] to not create heat in the first place.”

Short also describes EWI’s unique ultrasonic machining module, now produced commercially by Acoustech Systems, and discusses applications for the technology.

To read the full article in Cutting Tool Engineering, click here.

To learn more about EWI’s capabities and innovations in high-power ultrasound, click here.



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