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EWI Forms Oil & Gas Strategic Technology Committee

August 4, 2012

EWI recently established the Oil & Gas Strategic Technology Committee to identify technology development needs in the areas of materials joining, structural integrity and NDE.  The inaugural committee meeting was held in Houston in May 2012 with 8 companies participating.  The committee will work with EWI to identify needs, develop project work scopes and oversee technology development programs led by EWI to be benefit oil & gas operating companies, fabricators, service providers and material suppliers serving the broad array oil & gas industries.  The focus for projects will be primarily on upstream exploration and production and pipeline transportation issues, although some topics of interest to refiners and petrochemical plant operations may also be addressed.  Numerous technology development and applications projects will be funded and directed annually by the committee with access to the results of all projects controlled by commitee members.

Membership on the commitee is open to any company involved in fossil fuel exploration & production, and companies providing field or engineering services, welding and fabrication services and material suppliers  targeted to the oil & gas industry.  EWI membership is not required to be a committee member.  An annual fee is required of all committee members to participate in meetings and receive project results from work directed by the committee.  A 2-tier funding level has been established for 2013. 

Current project topics being developed for funding consideration for 2013 include:

  • Validation of the 1% Ni limit in steel for sour service conditions (base materials and weld consumables)
  • Guidance on reduction in CVN test temperatures as a function of material thickness for pipeline, process piping, structural and pressure vessel steels
  • Development of an NDE method for quantifying intermetallic precipitates duplex/super duplex stainless steels
  • Assessing susceptibility of hydrogen embrittlement in high strength steel forgings in sea water with cathodic protection
  • Developing/optimizing welding approaches for thick section high strength steels


The next committee meeting is being scheduled for early October 2012 to be held in Houston.  This will be an open meeting for all interested parties.  The objective of this meeting will be to approve projects for funding for 2013 and receive commitments from committee members for funding for 2013.  Future meetings will be closed to member companies.

For more information about the committee or the project topics being developed for the 2013 calendar year, please contact either Tom McGaughy (email tmcgaughy@ewi.org, phone 614-688-5054) or Jon Jennings (email jjennings@ewi.org or 614-6885144).