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EWI Hosts Dominion Middle School for the Deaf

November 16, 2012

On October 12, EWI hosted 16 hearing-impaired students from my old school, Dominion Middle School.  With the aid of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters provided by Deaf Services Center (Columbus), they were presented with a brief overview of EWI’s business and technologies and were given a tour of EWI labs and facilities. 

So many hearing-impaired people think they can’t do anything in the hearing world. They think their capabilities are limited to unskilled, low-paying jobs.  I’m proof that that isn’t true.  I have been deaf since childhood and have been very successful as a welding technician for over eight years in a highly technical and innovative environment.  Seeing me working side-by-side with my co-workers as a peer showed our young visitors that the world is full of possibilities.  I know how important it is for kids to see that those who are hearing-impaired have all the same opportunities and open doors that hearing people have. It has certainly that way for me, and I hope the students took that message with them when they left EWI.

To see a glimpse of the tour given to the students, watch our videos:  Students in Lab and Students in Highbay.