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EWI In-House Drafting & Modeling Expertise

January 9, 2015

CSWP_MDAll of the specialties at EWI rely on the Design, Controls, and Automation department (DCA) to bring their concepts to reality.  To achieve that goal, the engineers in DCA are trained in computer aided modeling software.  The engineers at EWI are capable of working with almost any design software, but the in-house preference is for Solidworks solid modeling CAD.  Produced by Dassault Systems, Solidworks offers extensive training classes for users to become proficient in the many capabilities of the software.  In addition to training, users may choose to pursue Solidworks-sponsored certification to document their skills.  Certification is offered at three different levels, and in 12 different specialties, including certifications for student users, specialists in sheet metal design, users of finite element analysis, and Certified Solidworks Professionals (CSWP certification).


The certifications are not trivial-Dassault suggests a selection of four week-long training courses to prepare for  CSWP testing, each including hands-on training administered by a Solidworks representative.  Substantial practical experience outside the classroom is also necessary to demonstrate the proficiency to pass the tests.  Solidworks offers significant test prep material, which is a good thing because the CSWP test consists of 3 separate tests taken over a total of 3 1/2 hours, during which the user creates models to meet listed specifications, which are checked for correctness.  In the state of Ohio, less than 1,000 engineers have gone through the arduous process of obtaining certification.  Two of them, Brandon May and myself, are on staff at EWI, with more to come.  To find out how EWI’s Design, Controls, and Automation team can assist you with computer-aided design services, please contact bcolgan@ewi.org.