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EWI – The Economy and Keeping Perspective

June 26, 2012

I tend to laugh if I happen to hear the local “business news” on the radio.  They typically base the business report on the daily fluctuations in the stock market and they explain away these swings in a 12 second sound bite.

○     “The market was up today on growing consumer confidence” or

○     “The market dropped over fears the EU debt crisis will impact demand on US exports”

Both these statements were probably true as stated, but definitely over simplify the economy and lack any perspective.

I think NPR’s marketplace does a nice, balanced job reporting the underlying facts with some depth (and humor) so I tend to pay more attention to them.  I also read our monthly ITR Trends Report which is helpful in using cold, hard data to explain what’s happening and what is projected to happen.  Aside from being pretty accurate, it gives a sense of perspective over time, geography, and industry sectors.

That perspective is helpful to me and my role here as CFO at EWI.  Our members are spread across many industries within US manufacturing and energy.  In addition, we typically work with several different groups within a company at the various stages of a product life cycle… Think materials research; product and process modeling; product design and development; prototyping and manufacturing; inspection and testing; or repair.

Perspective – Sir John Lubbock

Because we provide support to our member companies throughout their manufacturing life cycle, I have yet to find the one key leading indicator to help guide our business and anticipate where our services will be in highest demand (yes… EWI operates like a business).  Instead what we have found that works year in and year out is talking (and more importantly listening) to our members and working to understand their challenges both within their four walls and across their industry.

EWI, with of our range of capabilities and industry knowledge, combined with our world renowned technical experts, will likely have perspective you can’t find anywhere else to really help your business.

Give us (Leah Kohr) a call at 614.688.5049 or send us an email (jtighe@ewi.org or lkohr@ewi.org) to find out more about our perspective.

Thanks…. Jim Tighe, CFO