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Fanfare…err… Manufacturing for the Common Man

By Jim Tighe on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

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Bright EWI Engineers

Bright EWI Engineers

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, I am not an engineer… But thank God I’m surrounded by engineers everyday here at EWI.  And no kidding they’re some of the brightest people you can meet… Especially in their field of expertise.

A skill I’ve developed over the last five years is an ability to listen to the technically complex things engineers explain to me, filter it, then translate it back to them in “common man speak.”  I do this primarily so I can better remember and explain it to others later using my CMS.  An unintended benefit to my “gift” is the absolute and visceral pain it causes these great men and woman when I take their most ground-breaking, patent-pending, thesis-worthy, Nobel science prize contender, million dollar saving, big-scientific-word-using parlance and say something like “it’s like making the drill vibrate really fast so you can drill a hole 4 times faster”.  Sure I’ve glossed over the incredible innovation that went into the technology or the unique capabilities EWI brought to the project, but I wouldn’t remember that in 10 minutes anyway.  Just ask an engineer to tell you which way one of my financial charts was going right after our Associate’s Meetings.

I know I’ve hit a home run if after I deliver them my seventeen word CMS summary the engineer pauses, sighs, their face grimaces, and they say something like “well… I guess that’s a real simple way to look at it”.  Walk off!!!

So in this spirit, I am beginning a blog series profiling our technology in a way I understand it.  I will talk to the lead engineer, take some pictures, and maybe some video.  I may have to throw in some PhD worthy words (if required), otherwise I will try to make it understandable to the common man.  First up… AcousTech Machining.

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