Fundamentals of Welding Course to be offered in October

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EWI will offer “Fundamentals of Welding” one last time in 2017. To register for the October 16-20 course, click here. This five-day course, geared toward engineers and technicians, provides an overview of the various aspects of welding technology. The course is organized into modules discussing welding processes (arc, high-energy density, and non-arc), welding metallurgy and weldability, weldingRead more

Introducing a National Roadmap for the Future of Materials Joining and Forming — A Free EWI Webinar

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Last month EWI issued “Developing a U.S. Roadmap for Advanced Joining and Forming Technologies,” an overview describing the comprehensive NIST-funded study conducted by EWI to identify and prioritize the top joining and forming challenges within the manufacturing industry. To share the results and recommendations of this timely report, EWI will present an online seminar, Introducing aRead more

Developing a U.S. Roadmap for Advanced Joining and Forming Technologies — A New Report

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Recently, EWI led the development of the first comprehensive U.S. Advanced Joining and Forming Technology Roadmap under a program funded by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) through the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia (AMTech) program. The goal of this two-year effort was to develop a prioritized list of research and development topics aimedRead more

Detroit Sheet Metal Welding Conference is a Wrap!

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The AWS Detroit Sheet Metal Welding Conference (SMWC) is a bi-annual event focused on new research in the areas of automotive joining and assembly.  EWI has long been a event sponsor, and serves on the technical leadership team.  The 17th conference (32rd year!) took place October 19-20. SWMC XVII featured three keynote presentations.  The first, by Dr. FelixRead more

Fundamentals of Welding Engineering course to be offered in August

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EWI’s next Fundamentals of Welding Engineering class is scheduled for August 8-12, 2016. This ​five-day ​course ​provides ​engineers ​and ​technicians ​an ​overview ​of ​the ​various ​aspects ​of ​welding ​technology. ​The ​course ​is ​organized ​into ​modules ​discussing ​welding ​processes, ​welding ​metallurgy ​and ​weldability, ​welding ​design ​and ​testing ​(including ​mechanical ​testing ​and ​NDT), ​and ​qualifications ​and ​procedureRead more

Candidate Friction Welding Methods for Joining Aluminum to Steel — New Article

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The joining aluminum and steel is encumbered by a range of metallurgical challenges including coefficient of thermal expansion and melting point differences, as well as the formation of deleterious intermetallics. Friction welding has demonstrated the capability to mitigate many of these challenges. When properly managed, friction welding facilitates …

Back by Popular Demand – Fundamentals of Welding Class

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EWI will once again offer its Fundamentals of Welding class the week of June 20-24, 2016, at EWI in Columbus, OH. This ​five-day ​course ​provides ​engineers ​and ​technicians ​an ​overview ​of ​the ​various ​aspects ​of ​welding ​technology. ​The ​course ​is ​organized ​into ​modules ​discussing ​welding ​processes, ​welding ​metallurgy ​and ​weldability, ​welding ​design ​and ​testing ​(including ​mechanical ​testingRead more

New EWI Article: Does Friction Stir Welding Add-Up?

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The aerospace industry is leading the way by adopting additive manufacturing (AM) as a method of quickly and cost-effectively producing complex components. In addition to in-process quality control, post-process inspection, material and process development, and property database development, new AM processes are also needed to allow manufacturers to efficiently build large-scale components. EWI has demonstratedRead more

EWI to Operate New Navy ManTech Center of Excellence with SCRA

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SCRA Applied R&D has announced that it will be partnering with EWI to operate and manage the Navy Metalworking Center, a U.S. Navy Manufacturing Technologies (ManTech) Center of Excellence chartered by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Specifically, EWI will provide technical expertise and support for the Center’s project development and management activities. EWI’s Paul BlomquistRead more

EWI Offers Professional Training for Engineers

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EWI is pleased to announce its spring offerings for professional education and training. The following classes will be take place at EWI headquarters in Columbus, Ohio:   Fundamentals of Welding Engineering March 07 – 11, 2016 Fundamentals and Applications of Sheet Metal Forming April 07, 2016 Introduction to Laser Welding April 21, 2016   Registration is nowRead more