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How Advanced Quality Systems Reduce Risk and Boost Productivity

February 27, 2018

linkedin_how_nde_reduc_risk_boost_prod_1080x729_11818Recently, I’ve discussed some of the benefits of implementing quality processes earlier in the product development and manufacturing timeline, including reducing costs and decreasing time to market. Continuing this theme, I’d like to share how advanced quality technologies like ultrasonics, eddy current, x-ray radiography, and computed tomography (CT) can also help manufacturers reduce risks associated with product failure while increasing productivity. These technologies can be automated, customized, and integrated in-line with manufacturing processes to reduce destructive testing and redundant welding practices that are pervasive today.

In addition to nondestructive evaluation (NDE), modern product reliability management methods implemented throughout design, development, and manufacturing life cycles also lead to improvements in product quality and productivity. Knowing how to set reliability goals early in development based on market demands and industry regulations, and managing those goals throughout development allows companies to achieve schedule predictiability, reduce costs, and understand root causes of product failures for prioritizing and implementing corrective actions.

Reduce Risk and Boost Productivity Through Advanced Quality Systems details seven benefits of implementing next-generation quality systems and NDE earlier in the product development and manufacturing process. It also contains information on some examples of this work, including:

  • Advanced X-Ray Inspection for Electronic Devices
  • CT Imaging for Weld Quality Assessments

EWI provides advisory, development, and implementation services to companies seeking to apply next-generation quality systems. If you are interested in learning more about EWI’s advisory, development, and implementation services across advanced quality solutions, contact Shaun Freed at sfreed@ewi.org.