Ian D.Harris, Ph.D.

Technology Leader, Arc Welding, EWI

Technical Expertise

Ian Harris has 30+ years of experience in arc welding applied research and business development for commercial and government clients. His primary expertise is in gas-shielded arc welding processes, with research resulting in more than 150 technical reports, papers, and book chapters. As a Technology Leader, Ian is responsible for EWI’s arc welding business and technical innovation.

Background and Project Experience

Ian joined EWI in 1990. As a metallurgist and welding engineer, he has been involved with development of industrial solutions in steels, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, and nickel alloys both for OEMs and tier suppliers. He has been a principal investigator for projects in aerospace and defense, oil and gas, heavy manufacturing, automotive, and advanced energy. Ian has concentrated on aerospace and defense markets for arc, laser, and EBW applications. Work in recent years has included projects on GMAW-P of aluminum alloys for armored vehicles, shipbuilding, and GTAW and EBW for space and other aerospace applications.

Ian served as Founding Director of the Additive Manufacturing Consortium formed in 2010 for the aerospace market for metal powder bed and other additive manufacturing technologies. This consortium continues to develop projects funded by both government and industry, including America Makes and NIST.

Ian is a member of NDIA (Manufacturing Division). He has worked with defense, supply chain, and commercial industry primes in welding, cutting, and thermal spraying technologies. Ian spends approximately one-third of his time traveling to conferences, presentations, and manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. and to more than 20 countries. Ancillary activities involve WPS/PQR databasing for QA/QC, software for plant production management, data exchange for Solidworks with associated modeling/simulation for welding distortion reduction, and aspects of TDPs.


B.Sc. (Honors), Metallurgy, University of Surrey, England
M.Sc. Welding Engineering, The Ohio State University
Ph.D. Welding Engineering Cranfield University, England

Professional Affiliations

International Institute of Welding (IIW) Comm XII, American Welding Society (AWS), D17 and D20, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F42, American Society for Metals (ASM)

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