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Power Ultrasonics: Applications of High-intensity Ultrasound

January 29, 2015

graffCongratulations to EWI associate Karl Graff, co-editor of Power Ultrasonics: Applications of High-intensity Ultrasound.  

Karl Graff is a recognized authority in the field of high-power ultrasonics, including transducers, applications, and systems. Dr. Graff served on the engineering faculty of The Ohio State University for many years, including serving as chair of two academic departments, Engineering Mechanics and Welding Engineering.  Throughout his career, Karl has contributed to the field of high-power ultrasonics through extensive research, writings, teaching, and presentations.  He has over 50 publications and reports in this field and has written on the history of ultrasonics.  Karl led the effort to found EWI and was executive director from 1987-2000.

EWI associates contributing as chapter authors:

Chapter 1:  Introduction to Power Ultrasonics  (JA Gallego-Juarez and Karl Graff)

Chapter 6: Power Ultrasonic Transducers: Principles and Design (Karl Graff)

Chapter 11:  Ultrasonic Welding of Metals (Mitch Matheny and Karl Graff)

Chapter 14: Ultrasonic Metal Forming: Materials (Karl Graff)

Chapter 15:  Ultrasonic Metal Forming: Processing (Karl Graff)

Chapter 16: Using Power Ultrasonics in Machine Tools (Matt Short and Karl Graff)

Power Ultrasonics: Applications of High-intensity Ultrasound is published by Woodhead Publishing, an imprint of Elsevier, 2015.

Interested in learning more about EWI’s work in high power ultrasonics?  Contact Karl Graff at kgraff@ewi.org.