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Meet the EWI Arc Welding Team – Harvey Castner

July 31, 2012

This week’s “Meet the Team” features Harvey Castner.  Harvey has been at EWI for many years and has plenty of experience with arc based welding processes. He is well versed in codes and Navy shipbuilding. When it comes to welding, if Harvey doesn’t know about it, it probably never happened. He’s not as popular with the teens as Lady Gaga, but he is a go-to guy when welding challenges arise. Please don’t hesitate to contact Harvey if you have any questions or interests related to EWI or Arc Welding. You can reach him at 614.688.5000 or hcastner@ewi.org.


Technical Expertise

Harvey has managed and conducted research and applications development projects for government and industrial clients that include heavy manufacturing, shipbuilders, and aerospace companies.  Prior to his present position he served as the Vice President of Government Programs and Director of the Navy Joining Center.

Harvey has been a practicing welding engineer and engineering manager for more than 35 years.  He has extensive experience in welding research and development, manufacturing, and engineering management.  He served as the Program Manager for the Navy Joining Center, as a Principal Research Engineer, and as a Department Manager in the Fusion Welding and Automation Department at EWI.  Prior to joining EWI, he was Vice President of Engineering at Hartman Materials Handling Systems Inc., and he served as Manager of Manufacturing Automation Technology at the Advanced Technologies Center of Allis Chalmers Corporation.

Background and Project Experience

Research and Development.  Harvey has advanced welding technology through individual research and development efforts, through collaborations with other researchers, and as a project leader.  He is a recognized expert in the areas of arc welding, automation, and welding fumes.

Technical Standards and Publications.  Harvey’s contributions to welding science and technology are also demonstrated by his more than 35 publications and 50 presentations that show his dedication to making his knowledge available to others and his sustained support for education and training, conferences, and the AWS.

Manufacturing.  As a manufacturing engineer and leader of manufacturing development projects, Harvey has had total responsibility for applications that included the use of arc welding processes and manufacturing automation technologies such as robotics, automated inspection, and automated guided vehicles.


B.S.      Welding Engineering, The Ohio State University

M.B.A.  Kent State University

Professional Affiliations

Registered Professional Engineer (Ohio)

IIW International Welding Engineer

American Welding Society (Fellow)

James F. Lincoln Gold Medal Award (1996)

Arsham Amirikian Memorial Maritime Welding Award (1999)

Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Award for Applications (2007)

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