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New Inspection Deployment Service Helps You Implement Advanced Inspection Technologies

By Shaun Freed

As products become more advanced, traditional process controls and inspection methods are often inadequate to address quality demands. To meet customers’ needs for increased quality and reduced risks of failure, EWI Colorado is pleased to introduce a new service for Inspection Deployment. This specialized offering establishes a life cycle partnership between EWI and our customers toward implementing advanced inspection technologies into the customer’s production environment or work flow.

The challenge with deploying any new technology is that options, risks, costs, benefits, partners, training, etc. must be considered before a significant investment decision can be made. If questions about these are not answered early in the process, surprises will occur later that can delay schedules, increase costs, and fail to meet expectations.

The “Inspection Development and Deployment Lifecycle” diagram below illustrates EWI’s method for working through new technology challenges. By setting decision checkpoints, customers can make sure they are getting the most value for their investment. The timeline ensures that a predictable plan for cost, scope, and schedule is in place before the “do” checkpoint is passed.

Is your company challenged by costly destructive testing, new product designs that are difficult to inspect, productivity loss due to quarantined or scrapped materials, a high level of human error, or a lack inspection expertise? Our Inspection Deployment service can help you. To learn more, contact me at


Inspection Development and Deployment Lifecycle


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