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Predicting Weld Distortion – An EWI Guide for Heavy Manufacturers

May 12, 2015

Heavy Manufacturing Part IWeld distortion is one of the biggest challenges in heavy manufacturing. Consequences of weld distortion can be expensive and labor-intensive to correct, so fabricators are always on the lookout for effective ways to control weld distortion in advance of production, rather than deal with the correction afterwards.

EWI’s structural integrity and modeling experts apply predictive modeling and simulation to help clients evaluate and optimize welding procedures to avoid distortion problems. There are different modeling methods that can provide the critical, pre-production data to inform processes and stave off costly fixes. In our new guide, Challenges in Heavy Manufacturing Part I: Predicting Weld Distortion, EWI takes a look at some advanced and innovative distortion prediction tools and the savings they yield.

To download the guide, click here. To find out how EWI can help address your manufacturing challenges, contact Aaron Haines at [email protected].