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So what does EWI do?

November 23, 2011

When I tell people that I work at EWI, they frequently ask me, “So what does EWI do?”  They may be aware of our genesis as the Edison Welding Institute, and picture a bunch of guys with welding torches and helmets assembling some piece of hardware for someone.  Sure, we do a lot of welding and welding research.  As I thought about some of the recent topics that I’ve addressed, though, I realized that they encompass a broad spectrum of materials and joining-related challenges:

  • Will ultrasonic soldering work for a specific electric vehicle application?
  • Can we braze cast iron for a heavy equipment application without first doing a salt bath treatment to remove surface graphite?
  • Why are our ceramic-to-metal joints failing?
  • Is it feasible to laser braze a fuel cell assembly?
  • How can EWI use thermo-mechanical modeling to help us minimize oxide entrapment in our extrusions?

If you have a challenge that involves materials, why not run it by us?  I would welcome your questions at kcooper@ewi.org or 614.688.5069.  We do a lot more than weld – but we’re really good at that too!