Ultrasonic Packaging Consortium Forming to Exploit Revolutionary Technology

EWI has developed an ultrasonic package sealing technology and demonstrated commercial viability in a way not yet experienced in the packaging industry. With the original goals of reducing the amount of material used in a thin-film package and reducing costs, EWI invented EWI SonicSeal™, a new and innovative ultrasonic sealing technology for thin film packaging sealing in vertical-form-fill-seal formats. EWI SonicSeal has proven its commercial viability, delivering over 5 million products with packages produced in several factories and zero customer complaints. Unanticipated realized benefits include reduced manufacturing waste and extended shelf life.

The initial commercial implementation was proven on reciprocating style VFFS bag makers. The technology has also been demonstrated in high speed rotary VFFS bag makers with an elegant and innovative single-sonotrode design.

The documented benefits of ultrasonic sealing technology in these first applications provide impetus to further develop this technology for other packaging applications. An industry-wide consortium is being formed now to collaborate and accelerate these developments for the benefit of the packaging industry.

The goal of the Ultrasonic Packaging Consortium is to form a coalition of packaging industry stakeholders to develop, refine, and commercialize EWI’s patented ultrasonic sealing technology for the benefit of the global packaging industry across a wide range of applications.

The Consortium will fund and oversee the execution of development programs, aiming to further refine and adapt ultrasonic sealing technology to packaging applications in order to make the technology fully suitable for commercial implementation. Potential programs for new applications include:

  • Rotary VFFS bag makers
  • Horizontal flow wrappers
  • Pouch machines
  • Ultrasonic sealing of bio-degradable films
  • Other, large package formats

Directing Members

Consortium market and technology development will be guided by the directing members who will serve as the Advisory Board for the Consortium. Their role will be to ensure focus in the R&D activities and applications undertaken. Consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) are expected to be the primary participants in the directing members group. Membership will be limited and will include the expectation of becoming primary users and beneficiaries of ultrasonic sealing technology.

Contributing Members

Organizations that participate in the packaging industry value chain such as packaging equipment manufacturers, film suppliers, film converters, and resin suppliers will be invited to join the consortium as contributing members. Membership will include invitations to quarterly Consortium meetings where the technology development programs and progress will be presented. Each quarterly meeting will also feature a guest speaker from the packaging industry.

Associate Members

A limited number of associate memberships will be offered to academic researchers, non-profit organizations, and members of the media who wish to stay informed regarding the development of ultrasonic sealing technology.

Other Consortium Guidelines

  • Quarterly meetings will be full-day events which will include speakers from the membership as well as outside experts as determined by the Advisory Board.
  • Each quarterly consortium meeting will be preceded by a half-day Advisory Board meeting during which programs will be selected and development progress will be presented.

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