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Utica Shale Maps

January 12, 2012

While conducting some research on the Barnett and Bakken Shale production rates, Google led me down an unintended path.  The search engine took me to a presentation by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources given to the US Energy Association on November 8, 2011.  The presentation showed a map of the maturity of the Shale in Ohio. 

I decided it might be interesting to overlay this map onto the one I maintain showing Ohio’s Utica well permit locations and see what it looked like.  For fun, I took this exercise one step further and over overlaid the formation thickness on to the well locations plot.  If someone was able to map out all the gas pipelines in Ohio and percent organic carbons in the Shale, the combination of the four maps would give you a pretty good idea where the gas companies are going to focus their activities in the near future–at least I would think so.  NGL rich + substantial thickness for production + high organic content + proximity to an existing pipeline = probable areas for Exploration.

I am not a geologist so this is just speculation, but that’s what happens when you cross a stray Google search with an my personality.

Nate Ames
Director – EWI