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Welding Aluminum in Automotive Applications — Free EWI Webinar

March 29, 2017

shutterstock_Forming-car frameOn May 4, 2017, EWI will offer a free webinar, Welding Aluminum in Automotive Applications. The online event will be presented by Dave Workman from EWI’s Resistance and Solid-State Processes group.

Automotive manufacturers are increasingly interested in the use of aluminum as lightweight material to meet today’s CAFE standards. The welding of aluminum components, however, requires understanding of the unique properties of this metal as compared to steel. This webinar will discuss differences in the two materials and ways to meet the welding challenges. This presentation will include:

• Background on spot welding aluminum in the automotive industry
• Differences in spot welding aluminum and steel
• Technology as evolved from the aerospace industry
• Electrode life issues
• Influence of electrode design and topography
• Effects of evolving equipment
• Spot welding aluminum using third body elements
• Spot welding aluminum to steel

There is no charge for Welding Aluminum in Automotive Applications, but advanced registration is required due to space limitations. To sign up for the webinar, please click here.

For more information or questions about registration, please contact Beth at bsharb@ewi.org.