EWI WeldPredictor®

Our patent-pending EWI WeldPredictor® is an easy-to-use online software tool that simulates arc welding procedures.

EWI SonicSolder®

ewi-sonicEWI SonicSolder® is an exciting innovation for wetting materials previously considered to be non-solderable.

EWI DuraStir®

ewi-dura-stirEWI DuraStir® allows for friction stir welding of hard metals and greater thicknesses.


ewi-deep-togEWI DeepTIG® for gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) helps increase weld penetration by as much as 300%.

EWI Titanium Weld Color Inspection Kit

ewi-inspect-kitThis kit is considered the standard for visual inspection of titanium weldments across all industries.