Technical Expertise

Our expertise includes forming simulation using commercial finite element method (FEM) codes such as ABAQUS, Autoform, DEFORM, Dynaform, LS-DYNA, and PAM-STAMP. This significantly enhances our testing capabilities. We also specialize in assessments using ASTM, ISO standard formability tests such as uniaxial tensile tests, anisotropy value determination, limiting draw ratio (LDR), and forming limit diagrams (FLD). Below is a list of our technical expertise:

  • Material property characterization
  • Lubricant and coating evaluation
  • Forming process development
  • Formability evaluation
  • Forming process selection
  • Forming process modeling and simulation
  • Failure analysis (necking, thinning, springback, shear fracture, and edge cracking)
  • Forming of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS)
  • Hot forming of steel, titanium, and nickel alloys for automotive and aerospace parts
  • Warm forming of aluminum and magnesium alloys
  • Servo-press forming of steel and aluminum alloys
  • Stamping process and quality system assessment
  • Sheet metal forming technology training

Equipment & Lab Resources

Advanced forming equipment and testing processes enable our team to develop the right technology for your application:

  • 3MA electromagnetic based NDE system
  • 300-ton AIDA servo press
  • 160-ton Minster hydraulic press with 100-ton CNC-controlled hydraulic cushion system
  • 75-ton linkage-type servo press
  • ARGUS optical strain measurement equipment with GOM analysis software
  • ATOS optical 3D CMM system
  • UNIST automated sheet lubricator
  • Data acquisition system to record the load, temperatures, and displacement of the tool
  • Erichsen Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine
  • Formability and friction test tooling
  • Viscous biaxial sheet bulge testing to generate biaxial stress-strain curves
  • Limiting dome height (LDH) testing for forming limit diagram (FLD) and hole expansion ratio (HER) determination
  • Universal formability testing to evaluate necking failures in various strain ratios (plane strain, uniaxial and biaxial tension)
  • U-bending springback testing
  • Round and rectangular drawing testing
  • Billet compression testing to determine flow stresses and friction coefficients
  • Double cup extrusion testing to determine friction coefficients

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