Laser Processes

Laser Processes


Technical Expertise

The majority of our laser-related work involves these technologies and processes:

  • Laser welding – autogenous and filler material
  • Laser additive manufacturing
    • Directed energy deposition (DED) – powder and wire
    • Laser powder bed fusion
  • Laser coating removal, including paint stripping
  • Laser surface modification
  • Laser cladding
  • Laser heat treating
  • Weld joint and fixture design
  • Advanced laser optics design

Lab Resources & Equipment

Laser Systems:

  • 20 kW, IPG Ytterbium fiber laser
  • 10 kW, Laserline diode laser
  • 6 kW, Trumpf Disk Laser
  • 4 kW, nLight Corona
  • 3 kW, Lumentum Corelight laser
  • 2 kW, IPG Ytterbium fiber laser, single mode
  • 20 W, Laserline fiber delivered diode laser
  • 150 W, Miyachi Unitek, pulsed Nd-YAG laser
  • 100 W, Lumentum, diode laser
  • 50 W, IPG Picosecond laser
  • 50 W, IPG Q-switch laser


Supporting Equipment:

  • Kuka, Motoman, Panasonic, and Fanuc robots
  • Multi-axis CNC motion systems (Aerotech)
  • High-speed CNC systems (EWI custom design with Aerotech linear motors)
  • Large gantry-mounted robotic system
  • Galvanometer scanners (Scanlab and Cambridge)


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