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Medical Device Engineering with Polymers

Are you considering manufacturing solutions involving ultrasonic, spin, infrared, radio frequency, or laser welding polymers? These processes – along with many other welding, joining, and characterization techniques – are squarely in EWI’s wheelhouse. We’re ready to find the exact solution for your product and empower you to implement it seamlessly. EWI is an industry leader in plastic welding for medical applications and polymer material science.

Medical Device Design: Considerations for Plastic Products

Avoid Failure in Novel Plastic Products

Recall is a word a that medical manufacturer never wants to hear after launching a new device. Many medical device recalls stem from predictable material issues: improper material selection, environmental interactions, processing, and raw material attributes. Examining these factors early in product development can save a lot of time, money, and headaches. Learn about the common material problems that can cause failure in polymer components and how to address them.