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Medical Technology Solutions


The global medical device market is rapidly changing due to several factors.

Those factors include an aging population and a push for more personalized and more accessible treatment.

Medical device manufacturers and biotech companies must develop new products and respond to the needs of a changing health system more quickly and efficiently than ever before. How do they get there? With EWI.

With decades of cross-industry experience, state-of-the-art lab facilities, and a breadth of technology expertise, EWI can help companies objectively identify the challenges and opportunities for devising and improving medical products, develop the most effective manufacturing technologies,  and help implement new processes to optimize production, quality, and delivery.

EWI’s technical specialists offer clients advantages and insights in several critical areas:

  • Ceramics and glass joining
  • Flexible circuit joining
  • Polymer materials joining
  • Small-scale battery manufacturing
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Real-time quality inspection



At EWI, we offer the best technical solution while meeting requirements for quality and deliverability. We won’t say we can’t. We never say no. We’re dedicated to engineering the exact solution for your medical device manufacturing application.

Innovation That Drives Industry

emerging trend in medical device manufacturing

A medical device start-up approached EWI with the need to attach micro-sized titanium sensor pads to a small-diameter platinum wire for a neuro-modulation device. Using a vapor deposition chamber, EWI deposited a 10-μm thin titanium film onto a sacrificial glass substrate. A parallel-gap micro-resistance welding system was then used to weld the 75-μm platinum wire to the thin titanium film. The heat delivered to the titanium thin film during the weld process welded the platinum wire to the titanium as desired, and also delaminated the titanium film from the underlying sacrificial glass substrate, leaving only the small titanium pad.

If you’d like to learn more, download our guide: Emerging Trends in Medical Device Manufacturing. Topics covered in the guide include wearable health monitoring devices, technology fusion, the miniaturization of implantable devices, and improved quality inspection for biomedical devices.

Plastics Welding: An Attractive Joining Solution for Medical Devices Manufacturers

plastic welding for medtech industry

In medical applications, plastic welding offers several advantages over adhesive bonding and welding of traditional materials. Plastics are electrically insulated, cheaper to manufacture, and do not introduce a third material (adhesive) that potentially poses health and safety risks when the device is placed inside or on the surface of the body.

But we understand that making the switch to plastic welding can be intimidating, which is why we developed The EWI Guide to Plastic Welding for the Medtech Industry. Download the guide to learn more about choosing the most effective plastic welding processes, joint designs, and evaluation methods.

Medical Device Manufacturing Services

The best way to leverage EWI’s expertise is to involve our team early in the design and development of new medical devices and biomedical technologies. By acting as an extension of your team, our engineers help your organization identify the right technology, develop new processes, and implement them into your workflow, all with the goal of accelerating the design and production of innovative devices.

Key services include:

Learn more about our experience helping industry-leading medical device manufacturers and biomedical technology companies. Contact Dale Robinson at [email protected] to talk about your project.