TODAY'S MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENT REQUIRES INNOVATION to compete on a global stage. EWI is a world leader in developing and deploying new technologies that enable companies to bridge the gap between R&D and manufacturing implementation.

EWI Associates are passionate about identifying out-of-the-box options that provide a long-term competitive advantage. Our clients tell us we are a valuable extension and complement to their innovation, engineering and manufacturing teams. We offer premium custom solutions that deliver game changing results.

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How to Reduce Risk and Save Time When Implementing New Production Processes

Accelerating time-to-market is a goal for manufacturers across industries. But not every organization has staff resources with the technical expertise—or time—to make sure that the implementation of their new technologies and processes goes as efficiently as possible. When they don’t have the expertise, they scramble… Read More

ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Joins EWI Membership

ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing), a Manufacturing USA® institute, has recently joined EWI membership. ARM accelerates the advancement of transformative robotic technologies and education to grow U.S. global manufacturing competitiveness. Founded in January 2017 by Carnegie Mellon University, ARM operates as a separate non-profit member collaborative. Read More

Introducing EWI’s New Inspection Development and Deployment Service

Is your company challenged by costly destructive testing, new product designs that are difficult to inspect, productivity loss due to quarantined or scrapped materials, a high level of human error, or a lack inspection expertise? EWI recently introduced a new service for Inspection Development and Deployment.… Read More
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