Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing


Technical Expertise

With in-depth AM knowledge and broad experience in industrial processes, EWI is prepared to support your organization’s AM adoption and optimization at any stage of deployment.

  • Process and Application Expertise
  • Materials and process development
  • In-process sensing and quality control
  • Post process nondestructive inspection (UT, EC, X-ray CT)
  • Qualification, Certification, and Design Allowable Generation
  • Metallurgy
  • Powder characterization
  • Heat treatment development
  • Property databases
  • Powder production/modification
  • Post-process inspection
  • Machine design and build
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing Processes and Materials

Equipment & Lab Resources

In addition to AM technology, our fully equipped labs across three EWI facilities support powder and surface characterization capabilities, metallurgical characterization, mechanical testing and NDE expertise, as well as powder production, X-ray computed tomography, and large-scale deposition work space. Resources include:

  • Objet Connex J750
  • MarkForged Mark Two
  • EOS M290
  • Arcam A2X
  • Sciaky EBAM 110
  • RPM 557
  • Fabrisonic SonicLayer 7200
  • Tekna TEKSPHERO-15
  • EWI Design and Built Open Architecture Laser Powder Bed Fusion for Sensor Evaluation.
  • Arc deposition robotic workcell
  • Laser deposition robotic workcell
  • ExOne Innovent
  • Fortus 450mc
  • Objet 30 Prime
  • Numerous Desktop 3D Printers including: LulzBot, Hyrel E5, RoboX 3D, XYZ Printing Da Vinci, Formlabs Form 1, PegasusTouch Printer, B9 Creator, Mojo, Cubify.
  • X-ray CT, UT, ET
  • Powder Characterization
  • Powder Production
  • Surface Characterization
  • Materials Characterization and Testing

The Additive Manufacturing Experts

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