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Additive Manufacturing Process Parameter Development

Each product produced by metal AM has its own unique set of product requirements. Selecting process parameters to meet these product requirements is complicated by an incredible number of process parameters and the lack of a “machinist handbook.” EWI can work with you to develop a process that satisfies your unique process goals.

Unique Process Parameter Sets

With seven distinct AM process categories, an ever-growing base of AM-compatible materials and material suppliers, and a large range of process inputs, formulating the right parameters for your application requires a level of expertise not broadly available. As a result, material specific, one size fits all process parameters are traditionally applied.

EWI specializes in developing unique process parameter sets to match your unique product requirements. EWI works with its customers on a range of product requirements including:

  • Part Functionality: Materials new to AM, unique materials enabled by AM, complexity, and multi-material builds
  • Cost of Build: Build speed, cost of material
  • Cost of post-process optimization: Support optimization, surface finish, microstructure, build quality

A Comprehensive Approach

The EWI Process Parameter Development team guides you through a step-by-step approach to select the optimal parameters for your application:

  • Set product requirements and understand trade offs
  • Select an AM process
  • Modify design for process
  • Select and qualify feedstock
  • Select process parameters and understand trade offs
  • Validate process parameters
  • If necessary, identify a partner to print at scale

The EWI Advantage

EWI has been at the forefront of additive manufacturing technology development for more than ten years. Our AM expertise covers all seven ASTM F42 process categories and is backed by a full range of state-of-the-art equipment in our lab facilities. We maintain strategic partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers including EOS.

We provide advisory, development, and implementation assistance services to customers across all industries throughout the world. EWI also operates the Additive Manufacturing Consortium (AMC), established in 2010 to further industry collaboration, support, and pre-competitive research. EWI has recently been awarded the ASTM AM Center of Excellence in partnership with Auburn/NASA.

To find out how EWI can help you with process parameter development for additive manufacturing, contact John Conway at 716.710.5513 or jconway@ewi.org.