EWI’s innovations in lightweighting and nondestructive evaluation help manufacturers meet CAFE standards, improve fuel efficiency, and achieve cost reductions.

The auto industry is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation aimed at doubling fuel economy by 2025 and reducing the weight of automobiles by up to half a ton while maintaining or improving safety. Today’s engineering imperatives are to do more with less, accelerate time to market, minimize investments and product costs, and differentiate with improved competitive designs.

EWI has served the auto industry as the leading North American authority on materials joining and applied material sciences since 1983. Our engineers advise on new products and manufacturing processes by sharing best practices for innovation and implementation across a wide range of automotive applications in welding, joining, and allied manufacturing technologies. EWI’s extensive R&D in lightweight material applications – advanced high-strength steels, high-strength aluminums, magnesium, and composites – helps manufacturers across all tiers. In addition, long-term collaborations with major OEMs and industry suppliers have enabled us to develop advanced nondestructive testing and evaluation capabilities, innovative forming capabilities, crash modeling and simulation studies, and competitive additive manufacturing processes – all for the benefit of our clients.

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