Welding & Joining Processes


EWI was founded to advance welding and joining technology.

Welding held us together in our early years and was the foundation of our growth into the engineering innovators we are today.

Over time, we’ve stayed true to our welding roots while redefining the limits of industrial joining processes, developing game-changing techniques for both fusion and solid-state processes. Welding and joining remain core services at EWI, but we have a much more advanced suite of capabilities than we did in 1984.

Our Welding & Joining Capabilities

In our work, we use state-of-the-art equipment and in-depth experience to develop accessible solutions for emerging applications.


Arc welding and directed energy deposition (DED)

Laser processes

Plastics joining

Solid-state processes and resistance welding

Ultrasonic processes

Why Choose EWI for Welding and Joining Services

EWI is not afraid of a challenge. If your project is sensitive or exceptional, you can trust our welding and joining experts to meet your needs, from conceptualization to the production line.

We’ve developed a range of solutions across technologies for these unique applications:

  • Applying reciprocating-wire-feed GMAW to components made of crack-sensitive material – surrounding heat-sensitive fluid and components – without the use of preheat
  • Automating the repair of austenitic manganese steel trackwork components for the Federal Railroad Administration, increasing the service life of these expensive high-wear components by over 200% and reducing lost track time
  • Investigating the effects of welding techniques,electrode chemistry, and shielding gas on GMAW stainless steel-clad layers fora fabricator of nuclear components and vessels

Identify. Develop. Implement.

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