Arc Welding

Arc Welding & Directed Energy Deposition


Core Arc Welding Processes

The following are our core arc-specific competencies:

  • RP2Z base material qualification welding techniques
  • Temper-bead welding
  • Automation and mechanization
  • Arc-based, large-scale additive manufacturing
  • Directed energy deposition (DED)
  • Cladding and hardfacing
  • Narrow-groove welding techniques
  • Adaptive welding
  • Pulse waveform development
  • Out-of-position tandem gas metal arc welding (GMAW)
  • Computer-aided robotic arc welding

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Scaling UP Metals Additive Manufacturing

Much of the recent work in metals additive manufacturing (AM) has taken place using the laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) [...]

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Advancements in EWI Deep TIG for Higher Productivity GTAW

EWI DeepTIG™ flux was developed on the Navy ManTech Program in the 1990s to increase productivity during gas tungsten arc [...]

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Reciprocating Gas Metal Weld


Getting the Most Out of Tandem GMAW: For the Fearful and the Frustrated

Tandem gas metal arc welding (GMAW) is not a new technology. Although it boasts a number of enticing benefits over [...]

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Arc-Directed Energy Deposition


Arc Welding of Aluminum and Magnesium

Aluminum and magnesium are commonly selected for applications requiring a low weight and improved corrosion resistance.

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