E-Mobility Solutions

Demand for e-mobility solutions in air transportation is rapidly expanding. In the near future, many short-haul passenger flights will be supported by hybrid and electric-only propulsion. The most successful of these aircraft – currently in various prototype stages – will be those that have been designed for electrification from the beginning. However, there are still numerous challenges facing companies developing electric propulsion solutions for passenger aircraft. EWI summarized some of these design challenges in a concise guide.

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NDE for Aerospace

When fabricating castings and other foundational components, your processes for testing and evaluation are key to reducing production schedules. That’s where nondestructive evaluation (NDE) comes in. EWI provides NDE for aerospace components, polymer and ceramic matrix composites, and more. Our NDE solutions most relevant to aerospace include advanced thermography, ultrasound, phased-array, and eddy current methods. We combine these with model-based sensor optimization and POD (probability of detection) statistics for faster validation.

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