EWI leads the way in adopting additive manufacturing for the aerospace industry to reduce weight, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce material usage.

EWI helps aerospace manufacturers reduce the risks associated with innovation by applying advanced technologies to improve the performance, quality, and manufacturability of aircraft components while reducing life-cycle costs. Our extensive work with next-generation high strength steels (AHSS), advanced welding and dissimilar materials joining technologies, additive manufacturing, advanced non-destructive evaluation (NDE), computational modeling and simulation, and heavy fabrication technologies gives our customers a definitive advantage.

By drawing on cross-technology expertise, EWI engineers are able to offer customers new options to customize complex components, quickly produce replacement parts, and modify current designs for increased performance. Our technical team can assist with concept, complete scope development, proper choice of equipment, design/build of all tooling and fixtures, process development for robust procedures, complete equipment runoff, training of client personnel and on-site support during implementation.

Contact Ian Harris, Technical Director for Aerospace and Strategic Initiatives, at or 614.440.1277 to find out how EWI can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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