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EWI empowers industry leaders to overcome complex manufacturing challenges and seamlessly integrate new processes to bring products to market more quickly and efficiently. With unmatched expertise and advanced manufacturing technology resources, EWI is an integral extension of our clients’ innovation and R&D teams. We can assist you at any stage in your process—or collaborate with you from start to finish.

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Certified Welding Inspector Prep Course Will Be Offered in February

EWI and the CWB group will offer a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Prep Course February 13-17, 2023. Classes will be held at EWI’s Buffalo Manufacturing Works in New York. Earn PDH credits and prepare yourself for the certification exam by with this thorough review taught by a senior welding inspector.

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EWI is the only independent engineering consultancy with comprehensive labs and advanced manufacturing technology resources dedicated specifically to production process development and improvement.

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EWI helps you objectively identify the right technical solution and develop the solution using scientific methodology, providing support from concept through technology implementation. #IdentifyDevelopImplement

IDENTIFY the best options to solve your challenge with advisory services from advanced engineering experts.

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DEVELOP the right solution using scientific methodology and advanced manufacturing technologies.

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IMPLEMENT new processes through system launch and beyond.

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Applying ICME in Joining and Additive Manufacturing

EWI uses integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) methods to analyze correlations between processing conditions, thermal response, microstructures, and mechanical properties [...]

Machine Learning Approach Offers Potential to Transform FGMs

With advancements in additive manufacturing, interest has grown in functionally graded materials (FGMs) as the gradual variations in their composition [...]

Shipbuilding Project Showcases Buried Arc GMAW Technology

Shipyards typically use submerged arc welding (SAW), flux cored arc welding (FCAW) or gas metal arc welding (GMAW) to fabricate [...]

Paving the Way for a Hydrogen Future

By Henry Cialone President & CEO, EWI Building new pipelines to transport hydrogen gas within the U.S. is an endeavor [...]

Empire State Development Announces Launch of Initiative to Further Support Innovation and Growth for Manufacturers in Western New York

Shift 2.0 Program Will Assist Manufacturing Companies with Technological Improvements and Innovation to Increase Productivity and Employment January 11, 2023 [...]

Determining the Optimum Hydrogen Soak Times for Steel Pipe Testing

While the goal of establishing an efficient hydrogen economy increases steadily, there is still only limited data related to impact [...]

Fabrisonic Moves to 30,000-square-foot Facility

More than a dozen years ago, EWI worked on an innovative concept that applied ultrasonic welding to successive layers of [...]

Welding & Joining Courses for Engineering Professionals Set for Early 2023

EWI is pleased to offer the following professional training courses in the first half of 2023: Fundamentals of Welding Engineering [...]

EWI's New H2 Environmental Testing Lab -- Open for Business

In support of industry-wide investment in carbon neutrality with a key component being a transition to hydrogen as a utility [...]

As a source of expertise and evidence, EWI is more empirical and objective than other manufacturing technology services and consultants. Plus, the people are very accommodating.

William Schooley, Manufacturing Engineer Voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation