Resistance Welding & Solid-State Processes

Resistance Welding & Solid-state Processes


Technical Expertise

EWI’s resistance welding and solid-state experience runs deep. The following are some of our most sought-after areas of expertise:

  • Resistance welding, including spot and projection welding
  • Capacitive discharge (CD) solid-state welding
  • Low-force friction welding, aka translational assisted welding
  • Rotary friction welding
  • Linear friction welding
  • Friction stir welding
  • Resistance-based repair technology
  • Metallurgical assessment

Equipment & Lab Resource

Resistance Spot Welding (dedicated) Systems

  • ARP Electric Servo Gun

Resistance Spot/Projection Systems

  • 30-kVA press welder
  • 75-kVA press welder
  • 100-kVA press welder
  • 200-kVA press welder

Large Projection Welding Systems

  • 600-kVA DC press welder
  • 500-kVA frequency converter welder
  • 600-kVA DC press welder (with vacuum chamber)

Resistance Seam Welding Systems

  • 5kVA micro-seam welder
  • 50-kVA large throat seam welder
  • 200-kVA large throat seam welder
  • 200-kVA direct drive seam welder

Capacitor Discharge Systems

  • 5-kJ polarity switching CD system
  • 20-kJ multi-capacitor bank CD system

Forge Welding Systems

  • F3 low force friction welding upset system
  • Low force friction welding system
  • F6 flash/upset welding system

Pulse Welding Systems

  • 20-kJ magnetic pulse welding system
  • Electro-spark deposition system

Friction Stir Welding Systems

  • GTC Accustir Friction Stir Weld

Friction Stir Spot Welders

  • Harms and Wende Refill Friction Stir Spot Welder
  • MILCO Low Cost FSSW Gun

Inertia Friction Welders

  • MTI 120B
  • Caterpillar 250A
  • MTI 90B

Linear Friction Welder

  • APCI/Taylor Windfield 15-ton Mechanical LFW

Additional Power Supply Arrangements

  • MFDC inverters up to 2000A
  • MFDC transformers up to 1600-kVA

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