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Industrial Equipment & Heavy Manufacturing


Industry Innovation

Consider Tele-manufacturing

Tele-manufacturing may have sounded like sci-fi in the recent past, but it’s now an ideal solution for challenges like dangerous repairs and an aging workforce. Want to explore tele-manufacturing as an option for improving the safety, efficiency, and competitiveness of your production and maintenance processes? You’ve come to the right place. EWI has been going all-in on tele-manufacturing since 2019.

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Innovations in DED

Direct energy deposition (DED) is a type of additive manufacturing known for speed and precision. Heavy manufacturers can use DED to work on large parts that would never fit in a powder bed or other system. Two types of arc DED are especially appealing in this sector: plasma arc and gas tungsten arc (GTA) DED. EWI can help you validate and apply the right process for your prototyping, repair, and fabrication needs.

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Heavy Equipment Structural Integrity

EWI offers in-depth fatigue testing in our specialized facilities, as well as other testing and consulting services to ensure the structural integrity of new or iterative technology. Additionally, if you’ve experienced heavy equipment failures that require analysis, we’re ready to help. To learn more about our expertise, check out our eGuide series for heavy manufacturing, including the sections about improving fatigue performance and heavy equipment welding!

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Put Automation into Action

Automation systems for heavy equipment manufacturers or other heavy industry players can seem out of reach financially or logistically. EWI will change your mind about that! We specialize in advanced automation like tele-manufacturing. Not only can we support the technology side of automating heavy machinery manufacturing processes, but we can also provide advisory services to plan the rollout.

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