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EWI’s Remotely Operated Tele-Manufacturing System

October 25, 2021

Over the past several years, there has been great interest in developing ways to remotely execute critical manufacturing processes like welding, machining, and inspecting across long distances.

In 2018, a joint research team led by EWI identified the challenge of creating a “tele-manufacturing” system that could do exactly that – enable workers to operate functional equipment from a distant console to complete production-related tasks in another location.

What followed was a three-year process to develop the technology and hardware to achieve this goal.

With the successful implementation of the system in two naval shipbuilding sites this spring, tele-manufacturing — and specifically tele-welding — has become a reality. Other uses for the system are now being actively investigated and tested.

How did this state-of-the-art system get developed and implemented so quickly? What does it mean for manufacturing operations in the future? How can you explore potential applications of tele-manufacturing for your operation?

To learn more about the EWI tele-manufacturing system, EWI invites you to download Tele-Manufacturing: Applying Advanced Automation Solutions for Enhanced Productivity.

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For additional details about this groundbreaking project and EWI’s plans to advance tele-manufacturing technology, contact Connie Reichert LaMorte at [email protected].