Corrosion Engineering: Prevention, Mitigation, & Root Cause Analysis

Materials Engineering & Integrity


  • Materials selection for service environments
  • Design review for corrosion resistance and threat identification
  • General corrosion assessment (gravimetric corrosion rate analysis)
  • Localized corrosion assessment (empirical analysis techniques)
  • Electrochemical parameter analysis (e.g., potentiodynamic polarization testing)
  • Coatings and inhibitors assessment through impedance spectroscopy
  • Combinatory environmental fracture mechanics (e.g., corrosion-fatigue)
  • Corrosion mechanism identification (e.g., preferential weld attack, localized, microbial)
  • On-site corrosivity assessment
  • Conditions-based corrosion maintenance planning
  • Corrosion related failure/root-cause analysis
  • Material analysis for carbon capture, utilization, and storage
  • Materials evaluation for hydrogen infrastructure


  • Corrosion Testing Lab
    • Electrochemical Parameter Testing
      • DC Corrosion
      • Zero Resistance Ammeter
      • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
    • Exposure Testing
      • Gravimetric Mass Loss
      • Crevice Corrosion Simulation
      • Critical Pitting Temperature
  • Microscopy Lab
    • Confocal Microscopy
    • 3-D Microscopy
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • Chemistry Characterization
    • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
    • Optical Emission Spectroscopy

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