EWI’s expertise in package sealing design, materials selection, and packaging machinery helps food processors and consumer goods companies create and manufacture products that increase market share, cut manufacturing waste, and reduce package material costs.

Packaging materials are required for processed food, consumer, medical, and medical/pharmaceutical products to ensure product preservation during transportation and handling, labeling for safety and consumer information, and display presence to attract consumers. While the package is sometimes invisible to the consumer, it is a necessary and often costly part of a product.

As a result, manufacturers that package products seek packaging materials and systems that allow them to extend shelf life, reduce materials, enhance the shelf presentation and image, and provide new user features such as package closure devices – all while striving to make the package and process less costly and more sustainable. EWI is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers achieve major improvements in packaging by applying expertise in flexible and rigid packaging materials, sealing of packaging materials, integration of new package sealing technologies into packaging machinery, and inspection technologies to ensure quality.

Contact Dale Robinson, Business Development Director, at or 614.688.5232 to find out how EWI can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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