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Ensuring Reliability Through Materials Engineering, Characterization, and Testing

As standards for product quality and performance continue to increase, it is critical that manufacturers are able to ensure that [...]

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Optimizing Manufacturing and Production Processes

Bringing a product to market is rarely straightforward. Without the right technology or process in place to support each stage [...]

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Increase Manufacturing Throughput and Speed Time-to-Market with NDE Technology

Incorporating nondestructive evaluation (NDE) concepts and applications throughout the product development timeline can give your company a competitive edge.

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Challenges in Heavy Manufacturing, Part III: Improving Fatigue Performance

For fabricators of welded structures that are subjected to cyclic loading, fatigue life analysis is critical—a significant percentage of engineering [...]

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Keeping Up with Product Performance Requirements

The fast pace of technological advancement coupled with increasing consumer and regulatory demands is placing manufacturers under more pressure than [...]

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Keeping Pace with Shorter Product Design & Manufacturing Cycles

Manufacturers across all industries are under increasing pressure to reduce product design cycle times while simultaneously improving product performance. Expectations [...]

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Automated Inspection for Greater Manufacturing Productivity

Incorporating automated inspection into production enables manufacturers to increase inspection frequency achieve higher repeatability, and respond faster.

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EWI Advanced Engineering Services

Delivering Customized Solutions Across the Product Lifecycle. Whatever the job to be done, EWI’s wide range of engineering and manufacturing [...]

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Staying Ahead of the Manufacturing Revolution Graphic

Technology innovations are resulting in less labor-intensive, more cost-effective product. U.S. manufacturing output has increased 3.7% per year over the [...]

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Next-Generation Quality Systems to Ensure First-Time Quality

Ensuring first-time quality has become a crucial aspect of the production process across all manufacturing industries. Processes continue to shift [...]

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Changing Paradigms: A Materials Transformation in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is experiencing a significant and fundamental shift. Industries are not only adopting new, advanced materials, they are looking to [...]

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Accelerating New Product Development in an Era of Rapid Innovation and Evolving Demand

To stay competitive, today’s manufacturers must adapt, innovate, and partner effectively.

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What to Expect when You Partner with EWI for Product & Process Development

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