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State-of-the-art Joining Methods for Nitinol Shape-memory Alloy — New Paper

With applications in multiple industries including medical, sustainable energy, and aerospace, nitinol is one of the most commonly used shape-memory alloys. To take full advantage of nitinol’s shape-memory characteristics, corrosion resistance, and super-elasticity, manufacturers must understand how to join this unique material without detrimentally affecting the properties that make it so attractive. EWI developed a […]

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State-of-the-art Joining Methods for Nitinol Shape-memory Alloy

A new article by Tim FrechSenior Engineer, EWI Nitinol is one of the most commonly used shape-memory alloys in industrial applications. . This paper discusses multiple options for joining of nitinol components, as well as the use of EWI’s patented process for the manufacture of mechanical actuator demonstrator components. To download the article, click here. […]

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Medical Devices

A medical device implanted into the skin

In medical device manufacturing, shrinking development timelines and budgets are at odds with simultaneous requests for improved product performance and functionality. How can you get your products to market faster and more reliably? EWI’s expertise in manufacturing technology for medical products includes battery development, welding of dissimilar and unique materials, polymer processing, nondestructive testing, and […]

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When Smaller is Better: EWI’S Microjoining Capabilities

Microjoining encompasses techniques including welding, brazing, soldering, and adhesive bonding. Typically, the technology involves materials with thicknesses less than 0.5 mm. Micro-welding techniques can be applied to join both similar and dissimilar materials combinations. Here are some key applications of microjoining today: For over 30 years, EWI has been developing and applying microjoining technologies to […]

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No More Mess: Bonding Plastic to Metal without Adhesives

No More Mess: Bonding Plastic to Metal without Adhesives By James Cruz, EWI My first job out of college at Honda of America Manufacturing was a dream come true – the chance to play with robots and build cars! They handed me several crisp, white uniforms on day 1. Within that first week on the […]

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As consumer products become more compact, the challenges of materials joining become more complicated. EWI provides you with resources to develop and implement the most efficient and reliable microjoining solutions for your applications — quickly and effectively. For more than 30 years, EWI has been employing a broad array of joining techniques at the micro […]

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Green Soldering

In this energy era where the buzzwords are clean and green, people and companies alike are trying to do their part by using non-toxic and non-polluting materials, manufacturing processes, etc. As everyone knows, most soldering is accomplished using flux, which reduces the oxide layers on the surfaces to be joined thereby facilitating the joining process. […]

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