Plastic welding medtech

The EWI Guide to Plastic Welding for the Medtech Industry

Successful plastic joining in manufacturing is a challenging issue. For applications in medtech, it becomes even more critical. Finding an FDA-approved adhesive that also bonds to low-surface-energy polymers commonly used in medical applications leaves manufacturers with few options.

That is, until they look beyond adhesives.

guide to plastic welding medtech

When it comes to production, welding offers greater consistency, stronger joints, and does not require consumables. However, making the switch from adhesive bonding to plastic welding can be intimidating, which is why the EWI team has developed a step-by-step guide to help manufacturers choose the right process, joint design, and evaluation methods.

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When it comes to joining plastic components for medtech manufacturing, welding is a better solution than adhesives. The decision ultimately depends upon whether the material can be welded. Our Guide to Plastic Welding for the Medical Industry provides your starting point. EWI can work with you to identify, develop, and implement the right solution for your specific application. To get started, contact 614.688.5152 or [email protected].